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Paolo Di Rosa & the silver thread with a thousand & one possibilities

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The philosophical understanding of the inter-connectedness between all living things, is an ancient understanding which in recent times has been eclipsed by other “more important” human pursuits. Combine this neglect with a global fragmentation of religion, belief systems and ideals and we can begin to understand why it is so difficult now, for so many of us, to know ourselves, connect to others and to grasp a sense of our place in the world.

In Vendita (For Sale)

Paolo Di Rosa

Thankfully, we are now entering an age of a Science endorsed return to that consciousness of interconnectedness most interestingly in regard to invisible connections between human beings, between human beings and their environment and between individual and collective energy fields in the non-visual dimensions of the universe.

In my recent days here in Italy, surrounded by centuries worth of fine art from ages gone by I have found myself wondering about the predicament of the fragmentation in our age and asking if Art with its potential to transcend every day experience and reveal us to ourselves through that transcendence could help us now: to comprehend how it is exactly that we fit into this interconnected universe.

Could it could be possible to capture the energy that exists between all things in a painting, of particular interest to us here, the energy that emanates from within and between people. Could it be possible to visually represent connections that are invisible both to the naked eye and concepts which stretch our understanding, both of ourselves and of our place within and connection to, the world in which we live our daily lives.

There is an artist, whose way of looking at the world struck me, took my hand and transported me to a platform on which this seemingly impossible task just might indeed be possible…art that took me on a multi-dimensional experience, beyond the 2D image.

Punti di Vista (Points of View)

Paolo Di Rosa

Il Mio Tango (My Tango)

Paolo Di Rosa


Paolo Di Rosa

Italian contemporary Artist Paolo Di Rosa engages us in a deconstruction of reality, observing the human figure in visual and non-visual or “felt” dimensions through his own “looking glass” and unique vision of the world. By breaking down elements from the known world and rearranging them to make a statement he opens new doors into the unforeseen and allows unimagined perspectives to rush in. His intricate scenes pull you through realms, interlocked dimensions in which a duality of dreamlike projections of and introspections into 'the self' are locked in embrace. But for all these manipulations and distortions of time and space, his works are very accessible and carry many human emotions: fear, love, desire, anxiety, despair. Paolo likes to plays with the viewers perspective, to unbalance us and he does not allow us to miss the message or to avoid feeling those emotions because there is no where to hide in his paintings. His works feature a profound silence, perfect in which to carry a distinct message, delivered elegantly but with full force.

Piano di Lettura (Reading Plane)

Paolo Di Rosa

In fact, this most recent burst of stylistic evolution was born from Paolo's need for order and to clear out feelings of chaos, to make a void or space or as he says “a kind of non-place” for “the message” to rush in or for an intimate dialogue to breathe on the canvas and to unfold in our minds into infinite possibilities. His work is an antidote to the over-saturation of trivial information and hollow imagery we endure in contemporary life.

Consapevolezze (Awareness)

Paolo Di Rosa

Paolo doesn’t just show us the people and the objects, but through his looking glass we see how they connect and we see energy emanating from his characters. A common unifying theme is a living glowing silver thread through which these connections are channelled. A fluid, often curled and tangled thread or series of threads, but whose shape or arrangement always seems to reflect the figures, the scene, as though they denote the shape of the energy in the forcefields occurring in the moment captured in the painting. Bending energy, bending time, bending perspective, this is an artist in possession not only of great skill and emotive talent, but whose work is capable of shifting how his viewers look at the world and ultimately, at themselves.

Il Viaggio (The Journey)

Paolo Di Rosa

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