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Point of View: wonder in the world of Giulia Caliò

​ Giulia Caliò

One can’t help but be transported by Italian illustrator Giulia Caliò’s fantastic animals and their floral and watery worlds. Tails and wings beating, they swim and fly dreamlike- bursts of colour darting between branches, blooms and lilypads. Her plants grow instinctively towards the sun, reaching up and out, even they refuse to be confined to the page.

Giulia Caliò

A blend botany of zoology, her sheer delicate brushstrokes breathe living scenes into what was blank. From her rich imagination whole worlds explode into ours, inviting us in to their ecosystems: to get lost in the unfolding details, layer upon layer. We are neither invisible to the inhabitants here, they see us coming with their curious beady eyes. They welcome us with a vibrant show all aflutter or in beautious pose, guardians of their exotic realms.

Giulia Caliò

I don’t often find myself staring into an image this intensly or for this long, but it’s easy to get lost in Giulia’s world. At once I am in the forest, among the reeds, reaching out to the velvet of a pendant petal swirling from the touch of a technicolour wing. I want to see what is beyond, to walk right on through and hear the song of the forest, and in a moment of surrender to imagination I find that I do.

Giulia Caliò

Giulia Caliò

I for one, cannot wait to see what Giulia Caliò creates next, she is most certainly an illustrator to watch in 2018 and far beyond.

For her imagination, not even the sky is a limit.

want to know more?

An in depth interview with Giulia Caliò is coming soon..!

© Copyright of all images featured here belongs to Giulia Caliò

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