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Our Story

Three Graces Galleries Limited is a UK registered company (company no. 11345569),

originally established to shine a light on artists, and their philosophical approaches to creation, with a special focus on Italy.

Pre - 2020 our projects included an open-access online art journal, online art shop proposing original artworks and limited editions, and pop up gallery events in the United Kingdom. 

Like many emerging businesses, Brexit and COVID-19 forced us to essentially close our doors albeit temporarily: our limited company is currently dormant.

In Spring 2023, our art journal will be revived and our founder Zoe Atkinson Fiennes will shortly be announcing a new project focused on helping budding art collectors build conscious art collections, in a symbiotic relationship with artists, both emerging and established.

There's more to come, and we're really pleased you're here. We appreciate your patience while we pick up where we left off...

Thank you x

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