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BORGO PIGNANO An Art Haven in Tuscany

One might say I came upon this place by complete accident, but I like to think it was by some kind of divine intervention! You see I had been staying in a traditional Tuscan farmhouse less than 5 minutes away from Borgo Pignano, for 10 days already, and had been passing this magical place over and over again, every day, without even knowing it.

The sign for Borgo Pignano, is so small and discreet, and the site so mysteriously guarded by forest that unless you already knew what you were looking for, the chance of finding this beautiful, enchanted place is infinitesimal.

It’s setting is a historic hamlet dating back to the Etruscan period and a glorious 18th century villa. They offer a unique luxury retreat with sumptuous accommodation and a range of unforgettable experiences but here I will focus on their Pignango Art Gallery and Garden of Arts. Borgo Pignano’s current exhibitions are advertised below.



The entrance to The Garden of Arts is truly magnificent, a long lavender lined walkway, with sunlight pouring over internationally acclaimed artist Andrea Roggi’s 'Tree of Life' bronze sculpture, glistening in the distance. One of his numerous artworks on site.

The approach…

Up close we can see that the trunk and branches of the tree of life are made up of a male and a female figure embracing...

Below we can see Andrea’s intricate bronze work.

And looking even closer, we realise that the tree of life is an olive tree and the fruit is golden.

'In the Tree of Life the embraced male and female figures create a bridge between the earth, where the olive tree grows, and the other part of the world, the vault of heaven. Like tree branches aiming for the sky, striving to reach the greatest heights, we try to strike a balance between a part of ourselves that is rooted in the ground and a greater part yearning for the sky…'


Another stunning Andrea Roggi sculpture in the garden, perfectly in tune with its setting.

An entrance to the Pignano Art Gallery, a harmonious exhibition space in a restored farm building on the historic site.

Gallery exhibition

Gallery exhibition

Gallery exhibition

Gallery exhibition

Gallery exhibition

Borgo Pignano’s Terra Vivente art exhibition in their own words;

'Terra Vivente, the living earth, is an art journey exploring the richness of soil as both, inspiration and a material of creation. The exhibition presents an encounter of artists that interpret and relate to the earth in various ways. On the one hand we will see ceramic and painting artworks created directly with the use of terra as a medium, creating a sensory immediate experience. Another approach will be that of observation through the languages of photography and painting, portraying the abstract beauty of earths, contemplated both in detail and from afar’.

Both the gallery and the gardens are exceptional sensory spaces, featuring a collection of inspiring contemporary art exhibitions, in a breathtaking rural historical setting. This is a unique art haven, one not to be missed.

Another hidden treasure waiting to be discovered…

If you wish to know more about the Pignano Art Gallery, The Garden of Arts and Borgo Pignano visit

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