valentina d'accardi


"Valentina D’Accardi’s hand embellished Camera Obscura photographs are like echoes of worlds gone by. 

Lost moments endure in her world as she transports us, into an irresistable introspective gaze".



Since she was a child Valentina D’Accardi has been surrounded by the classical paintings and frescos that bejewel Italy’s landscape and was just nineteen when she won a place at the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Bologna


First majoring in painting she found herself immersed in the now antique, art of analogue photography.  Valentina learned her craft from a analogue photographer two generations her senior using traditional techniques guardedly handed down through the decades and she keeps the torch for this art form aflame with integrity and with grace.


Each of her works is hand processed in the dark room and undegoes a complex series of age-old processes to go from shot to print.  Next she wields the elements of fire and water and earthy pigments to hand finish each piece with delicate finesse.

Each and every photograph is an unrepeatable, unreproducible, work of fine-art.



2010 Contender for the famous “Premio Nazionale delle Arti”, The National Arts Prize, Naples, Italy

2011 Finalist for the prestigious Riccardo Prina prize, Varese, Italy



Over the last decade, Valentina’s work has been exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, among them exhibitions in highly prestigious private galleries and civic museums such as the world famous Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.  Her unique style and philosophy have captured the imagination of the public and important publications such as the national Italian newspaper La Repubblica, solidifying her career. 


2017  Fiume, Bologna Fotografata, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna. Organised by Spazio Labò for the Cineteca di Bologna

2017  Perpetuus, Atto I, ABC for the Setup Artfair, Bologna, Italy 

2017  Ritrattare, Galérie lEntrepot, Montecarlo, Monaco

2016  Individui Universali, MIC, Faenza, Italy

2016  Paragone, Antico/Contemporaneo, Fortezza Rinascimentale di San Leo, Rimini, Italy

2016  Giovane Fotografa Italiana #04 - Sideways - Fotografa Europea, Palazzo Casotti, Reggio

Emilia, Italy

2016  Fiume, ABC , Bologna, Italy

2016  Fiume_Preview, ABC for Setup Artfair, Bologna, Italy

2015  Hestia: La dimora, cinque artiste e una divinità, ABC Ass. Cult., Bologna, Italy

2014  Vie di dialogo/4, Museo della Città, Rimini, Italy

© All images belong to Artist Valentina D'Accardi

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