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 The founding principle of Three Graces Galleries is to unite the Italian and UK art worlds: offering art lovers and collectors in the UK the unique opportunity to view, interact with and purchase original fine Italian artworks and meet talented and celebrated Italian artists living and working in Italy today. Our tagline is ‘new renaissance, new philosophy’ because Italian art is in the midst of an exciting new renaissance. The art scene is infused with artists who are reinventing century old techniques and art philosophies for our age. And just as British architects did after embarking on the Grand Tour in the 18th and 19th centuries, our mission is to contribute to bringing the new Italian renaissance to the UK and infusing the art scene with the very particular culture and beauty that belongs to Italy and which the British have long been enamoured by.

 Our emphasis is not only on art as aesthetic objects, but on the emotional impact art can have — both on the creator and the observer. Our aim is to hold exhibitions in a recognisable format whilst also extending the usual limits of what people expect from an art exhibition to exploring the potential that lies in art to positively influence individuals and humanity as a whole. Italy is rich with artists who are not only plugged into authentic historic Italian culture but they are also exploring how their artistic expression can improve people’s lives today.

Our unique open access online art journal is dedicated to shining a spotlight on Italian contemporary fine art and creating a centre for philosophical discussion surrounding art culture. From Classical Realism to Hyperrealism, from painting to photography, and illustration to sculpture: Italy is in the midst of a new renaissance and new art philosophies and Three Graces Galleries is your English guide.



Your English guide to Italian contemporary art: a Fine Art Consultant and Curator BA MSc in Philosophy and Conservation. Zoë has a proven track record and over 15 years of experience in luxury sales and Fine Art sales; over her career she has worked with acclaimed artists and a leading national gallery in the UK. She now lives between the UK and Italy working directly with acclaimed and talented Italian artists across Italy.  Her passion is being up close to the Italian art world, exploring Italian culture and being poised to find exactly what her art collectors are looking for within this fertile and largely undiscovered scene. 

Forming part of her role at the gallery are Italian to English text translations in the cultural sector. Being English mother-tongue and speaking fluent Italian she is adept at assisting in presenting Italian artists' portfolios and stories to an English-speaking audience. Her experience translating documents for Florence based newspaper The Florentine and Not-for-profit American organisation Advancing Women Artists Inc, among others, have helped solidify her achievements in this area.

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