Pick and choose your videos...

Start with the video title that most speaks to where you are right now, in this moment. Working with art as a life tool bridges many life-themes and different aspects might be more meaningful to you at different times in your life, or even moments in your day. 

Finding your life path 

- inner knowing and the third eye.

Looking to other cultures

For adventure, diversity, cultural and/or life philosophy and self-discovery.

Connection to Mother nature

Curating an art collection

Design, layout, placement and colour considerations with a touch of philosophy from the orient.

Love and relationships

Romantic, family (chosen or biological),  friendship

How art can support your manifestation goals.

Picking up where you left off:

Let the child in you teach you how to create again.

How not to get caught in the web of advertising and sales tactics that don't serve you.

Navigating grief and sadness

How to buy from a place of self-worth and not self-deficit.

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