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'One can’t help be transported by Giulia Caliò’s fantastic animals and their floral and watery worlds. Tails and wings beating, they swim and fly dreamlike- bursts of colour darting between branches, blooms and lily pads...'





Giulia Caliò is an Italian illustrator, she was born in Syracuse, Sicily. Her father was also a painter and it was he who gifted Giulia her love of art and from an early age taught her how to use different techniques. Giulia is a recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, specialising in Illustration and Comics.  During her academic study Giulia deepened what had always been her true vocation - scientific illustration and her love for botany and zoology remain essential sources of inspiration.  She has developed a refined and elegant style and is an expert in using delicate overlays of colour and a precise stroke to obtain an unforgettable visual impact. Her floral arrangements and exotic watery scenes full of insects and amphibians are a unique and moving expression of her inner world and boundless imagination.


Giulia is already exhibiting her illustrations in widespread locations throughout Italy.  She has captured the imagination of her international collectors and is already followed by a significant social community.

 Below is a selection of her recent exhibitions. 

25/03/18 collective exhibition at Laltro Spazio, Bologna, Italy.

15/03/18 personal exhibition at Senape Vivaio Urbano, Bologna, Italy.

11/01/18 resident artist for the 'di(/)segni, di(/)suoni e di(/)sapori event at Gammazita, Catania, Italy.

19/08/17 collective exhibition at Beu-Beu Art Festival, Abbazia di San Pietro di Badia a Ruoti, Arezzo, Italy.

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