"The body as the custody of the soul is the means through which it carries out the experience of life.

Life is the path to the sublime and necessary end we call death; The fear of death arises from the forgetfulness of who we are, by the loss of contact with the components of our intimate essence. "



Italian contemporary artist Gianluca Capaldo is a classically trained painter who creates exquisite oil paintings, 

reminiscent of the old masters, they are the classical re-imagined for our times.

The ancients said that art should contain beauty, truth and insight and it is through the spiritual journeys that characterise The Iliad, The Odyssey and other ancient and sacred texts that Gianluca seeks his own path,

through art, towards these ideals. 


For this artist a work of art is not just a beautiful object to be admired, it is a journey too and it can be a font of illumination, for any seeker.




2016  Winner of the 11th Allianz Award at the Fondazione Collegio Artistico Venturoli,

Bologna, Italy

 2012  British Portrait Award Competition, curated by the National Portrait Gallery, London, for the painting “What I See in Her”

London, UK

 2011 Winner of the “Rural Landscape and Ferrara Countryside” Painting Award.

Ferrara, Italy

 2010 Winner of 4th Place at the VI Biennale Pierpaolo e Germano Tassi in Vignola

Modena, Italy 




With numerous national exhibitions and awards under his belt and recognition from the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London, Gianluca is conquering the hearts of collectors and critics alike in both Italy and England.  He is now on the cusp of launching a brand new, ground breaking collection, the result of an intense period of reflection and evolution.     

2017  "Chaudelune", Group Exhibition at the Fondantico Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2015  Group Exhibition at the “I Biennale d’Arte don Franco Patruno”, Rocca di Cento, Cento, Italy

2014  Contrattempi – “Infinito imperfetto", Solo Exhibition, Fondazione Collegio Artistico Venturoli, Bologna, Italy

2014  "Come buoni vicini",  Group Exhibition at the Cimitero monumentale della Certosa di Bologna, Italy

2014  Modena Antiquaria, Exhibition at the Artifigurative Space, Italy

2013  Germogli in gipsoteca, Group Exhibition, Fondazione Collegio Artistico Venturoli, Bologna, Italy

2012  Solo Exhibition at Spazio Artè Gallery, Reggio Emilia, Italy

2012   BP Award Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, London, Edinburgh & Exeter, UK

2012  Group Exhibition “San Sebastiano tra Sacro e profano” in Argenta, Italy 

© All images belong to Artist Gianluca Capaldo

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